Friday, May 27, 2011

That's When I love You

When you have to look away
When you don't have much to say

That's when I love you
I love you, just that way

To hear you stumble when you speak
Or see you walk with two left feet
Thats when I love you
I love you, endlessly

And when your mad coz you lost a game
Forget I'm waiting in the rain
Baby I love you,
I love you anyway

Heres my promise made tonight
You can count "on" me for life
That's when I love you
When nothing you do can change my mind

The more I learn, The more I love
The more my heart can't get enough
That's when I love you, no matter what

So when you turn to hide your eyes
Cause the movie it made you cry
That's when I love you
I love you a little more each time

And when you can't quite match your clothes
Or when you laugh at your own jokes
Tha'ts when I love you
I love you, more than you'll know

And when you forget that we had a date
Or that look that you get when you show up late
Baby I love you, I love you anyway

Here's my promise made tonight
You can count "on" me for life
That's when I love you
When nothing you do can change my mind

The more I learn, The more I love
The more my heart can't get enough
That's when I love you,
When I love you, no matter what

That's when I love you
When nothing baby
Nothing you do could change my mind
The more I learn, The more I love
The more my heart can't get enough
That's when I love you,
When I love you, no matter what
No matter what...

My blog's song! :)


Reflections of My Life

The changing of sunlight to moonlight
Reflections of my life
How they fill my eyes
The greeting of people in trouble
Reflections of my life
How they fill my heart
Oh my sorrow
Sad tomorrow
Take me back
To my own home
Oh my crying
Feel I’m dying
Take me back
To my own home
I’m going home
I’m changing arranging I’m changing
I’m changing everything
Everything around me
The world is a bad place a bad place
A terrible place to live
But I don’t wanna die


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Taking Mum For Granted

When you came into the world, she held you in her arms.
You thanked her by wailing like a banshee. 

When you were 1 year old, she fed you and bathed you.
You thanked her by crying all night long. 

When you were 2 years old, she taught you to walk.
You thanked her by running away when she called. 

When you were 3 years old, she made all your meals with love.
You thanked her by tossing your plate on the floor. 

When you were 4 years old, she gave you some crayons.
You thanked her by coloring the dining room table. 

When you were 5 years old, she dressed you for the holidays.
You thanked her by plopping into the nearest pile of mud. 

When you were 6 years old, she walked you to school.
You thanked her by screaming, "I'M NOT GOING!" 

When you were 7 years old, she bought you a baseball.
You thanked her by throwing it through the next-door neighbor's window. 

When you were 8 years old, she handed you an ice cream.
You thanked her by dripping it all over your lap. 

When you were 9 years old, she paid for piano lessons.
You thanked her by never even bothering to practice. 

When you were 10 years old, she drove you all day, from soccer to gymnastics to one birthday party after another.
You thanked her by jumping out of the car and never looking back. 

When you were 11 years old, she took you and your friends to the movies.
You thanked her by asking to sit in a different row. 

When you were 12 years old, she warned you not to watch certain TV shows.
You thanked her by waiting until she left the house. 

Those teenage years....

When you were 13, she suggested a haircut that was becoming.
You thanked her by telling her she had no taste. 

When you were 14, she paid for a month away at summer camp.
You thanked her by forgetting to write a single letter.

When you were 15, she came home from work, looking for a hug.
You thanked her by having your bedroom door locked.

When you were 16, she taught you how to driver her car.
You thanked her by taking it every chance you could.

When you were 17, she was expecting an important call.
You thanked her by being on the phone all night.

When you were 18, she cried at your high school graduation.
You thanked her by staying out partying until dawn.

Growing old and gray...

When you were 19, she paid for your college tuition, drove you to campus, carried your bags.
You thanked her by saying good-bye outside the dorm so you wouldn't be embarrassed in front of your friends.

When you were 20, she asked whether you were seeing anyone.
You thanked her by saying, "It's none of your business." 

When you were 21, she suggested certain careers for your future.
You thanked her by saying, "I don't want to be like you." 

When you were 22, she hugged you at your college graduation.
You thanked her by asking whether she could pay for a trip to Europe. 

When you were 23, she gave you furniture for your first apartment.
You thanked her by telling your friends it was ugly.

When you were 24, she met your fiance and asked about your plans for the future.
You thanked her by glaring and growling, "Muuhh-ther, please!" 

When you were 25, she helped to pay for your wedding, and she cried and told you how deeply she loved you.
You thanked her by moving halfway across the country. 

When you were 30, she called with some advice on the baby.

You thanked her by telling her, "Things are different now." 

When you were 40, she called to remind you of an relative's birthday.
You thanked her by saying you were "really busy right now." 

When you were 50, she fell ill and needed you to take care of her.
You thanked her by reading about the burden parents become to their children.

And then, one day, she quietly died. And everything you never did came crashing down like thunder. "Rock me baby, rock me all night long."
"The hand who rocks the cradle...may rock the world".

Let us take a moment of the time just to pay tribute and show appreciation to the person called MOM though some may not say it openly to their mother. There's no substitute for her. Cherish every single moment. Though at times she may not be the best of friends, may not agree to our thoughts, she is still your mother! She will be there for listen to your woes, your bragging, your frustrations, etc. Ask yourself..... Have you put aside enough time for her, to listen to her "blues" of working in the kitchen, her tiredness? Be tactful, loving and still show her due respect though you may have a different view from hers. 
Once gone, only fond memories of the past and also regrets will be left.



Reminder From A Sad Story

Around the corner I have a friend, 
In this great city that has no end,
Yet the days go by and weeks rush on,
And before I know it, a year is gone.

And I never see my old friends face,
For life is a swift and terrible race,
He knows I like him just as well,
As in the days when I rang his bell.

And he rang mine if, we were younger then,
And now we are busy, tired men.
Tired of playing a foolish game,
Tired of trying to make a name.

"Tomorrow" I say "I will call on Jim"
"Just to show that I'm thinking of him."

But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,
And distance between us grows and grows.
Around the corner yet miles away,
"Here's a telegram, sir" "Jim died today."
And that's what we get and deserve in the end.
Around the corner, a vanished friend.

** Remember to always say what you mean. If you love someone, tell them.
Don't be afraid to express yourself. Reach out and tell someone what they mean to you. Because when you decide that it is the right time it might be too late.
Seize the day. Never have regrets. And most importantly, stay close to your friends and family, for they have helped make you the person that you are today.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

She is...

Pn. Halimah bt Mo'en

A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to disperse the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. Mother is a gift of god. She is an angel, which protects you from all the evils of the world and gives you a secure shelter in her lap whenever you feel stressed and insecure. Irrespective of how we look or behave, our mother showers us with all possible love and blessings in the world. Despite how successful we become, she can’t ignore her little concerns for us. Despite we become mature enough, we remain a ‘silly darling kid’ in our momma eyes. Though she is a guardian angel to us, we hardly ever get an opportunity to thank her for lending us a shoulder to cry, a lap to rest, hands to catch hold of us whenever we fall. She is our dearest pal and our best companion ever. On this mother’s day, shower your mother with all the good messages we have exclusively given for you. Tell her that you love her and no one else could ever substitute the position she holds in your heart.She is my mum!

**I miss your hugs n kisses when I want go to sleep.
Luv u always.

Yours truly,
Mood : longing her soo much!

Love you Ibu! :)
Suddenly, I mis her..

I'm always your baby,

Sejarah Hari Ibu Yang Kita Agung-agungkan

Rhea, "the mother of gods"

Sejarah hari ibu telah dikenalpasti sebagai perayaan musim bunga orang-orang Greece, sebagai penghormatan terhadap Rhea, ibu kepada tuhan mereka. 

Petikan dari Wikipedia:

Rhea ( /ˈr.ə/Ancient Greek: Ῥέα) was the Titaness daughter ofUranus, the sky, and Gaia, the earth, inGreek mythology. She was known as "the mother of gods". In earlier traditions, she was strongly associated with Gaia and Cybele, the Great Goddess, and was later seen by the classical Greeks as the mother of theOlympian gods and goddesses, though never dwelling permanently among them on Mount Olympus. The Romans identified Rhea with the Goddess Ops.

Pada tahun 1600 orang-orang England merayakan hari yang mereka namakan sebagai "Mothering Sunday". Ia dirayakan pada hari Ahad keempat setiap Lent. Lent adalah tempoh masa selama 40 hari samada dalam bulan Februari atau Mac. Dalam tempoh ini, sebahagian orang-orang Kristian akan berhenti melakukan atau memakan makanan tertentu atas alasan agama. Amalan tersebut adalah sebagai penghormatan mereka terhadap Mother Mary. Mother Mary adalah Maryam, ibu kepada Nabi Isa Alaihissalam atau Jesus yang mereka anggap sebagai tuhan.

Dalam tempoh tersebut juga, kebanyakan rakyat England yang fakir dan miskin, akan bekerja sebagai pembantu rumah. Mereka sanggup keluar jauh meninggalkan keluarga kerana percaya bahawa Jesus akan memberikan kekayaan dan kesenangan dalam tempoh tersebut. Menjelang hari Ahad keempat, mereka digalakkan untuk bercuti oleh majikan, dan pulang ke kampung untuk bertemu dengan ibu. Setiap ibu akan dihadiahkan dengan Mothering Cake atau kek hari ibu sempena perayaan tersebut.

Amalan dan tradisi ini menular ke seluruh dunia dan ia kini disambut sebagai penghormatan kepada Mother Church. Mother Church dianggap sebagai kuasa spiritual yang agung yang memberi manusia kehidupan dan memullihara mereka dari sebarang kecederaan. Sejak dari itu, perayaan Mothering Sunday telah diadun dengan upacara kegerejaan. Penghormatan mereka terhadap ibu sama taraf dengan penghormatan mereka terhadap gereja.

Julia Ward Howe
Di Amerika Syarikat, Hari Ibu disambut seawal 1872 hasil ilham Julia Ward Howe. Beliau adalah seorang aktivis sosial dan telah menulis puisi " The Battle Hymn of The Republic" (TBHoTR). TBHoTR telah dijadikan lagu patriotik yang popular di kalangan warga Amerika. Ungkapan "Hallelujah" dalam bait-bait lagu tersebut menyerlahkan lagi sentuhan Yahudi dan Zionis dalam mencaturkan politik dunia.

Anna Jarvis
Pada tahun 1907 Anna Jarvis dari Philadelphia telah memulakan kempen untuk melancarkan Hari Ibu. Beliau telah berjaya mempengaruhi Mother's Church di Grafton, West Virginia agar meraya dan meraikan Hari Ibu pada hari ulang tahun kedua kematian ibunya, iaitu pada hari Ahad kedua dalam bulan Mei. Semenjak dari itu, Hari Ibu dirayakan saban tahun di Philadelphia.

Anna Jarvis, dan pendokong-pendokongnya telah menulis surat kepada menteri, golongan peniaga dan ahli-ahli politik agar Hari Ibu disambut secara meluas di seluruh wilayah. Matlamat mereka telah berjaya sepenuhnya pada tahun 1911 apabila hari tersebut disambut oleh hampir keseluruhan wilayah Amerika. Pada tahun 1914, Presiden Woodrow Wilson, secara rasminya telah mengisytiharkan Hari Ibu sebagai Hari cuti umum dan mesti raikan pada setiap hari Ahad kedua dalam bulan Mei. Biarpun sebahagian besar negara-negara di dunia menyambutnya pada hari yang berlainan, tetapi negara seperti Denmark, Finland, Itali, Turki, Australia, dan Belgium masih merayakannya pada setiap hari Ahad kedua dalam bulan Mei.

So, everyday should be Mother's Day. Not today only, k?
Renung-renungkan n selamat beramal!


Smile Always!

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Yeahh!! I'm too pretty to frown n sad.
Smile makes me glows inside out!
Have a nice day!
Lots of love.. :)



Light snacks!!
Pergh!!! Sedap siot!!!
Terliur aku tgk la...
Sabar Nora..

Yang tgh kempunan,

Love Thought...


Friday, May 6, 2011

Facts of Love

My Boisterous Siblings!

Salam wth..
Hi! Bertemu kita lagi pada entri kali ini. Yeahh!! Pd petang yg sungguh terik n permai ini, aku nk cite kt korg tentang adik-adikku yg sungguh sengal. Seribu satu macam perangai diorg tau! Hehehehe.. Tgk la akak diorg mcmn kan? Sengal plus senget kuasa dua.. Al-kisahnya, aku adlh anak sulung drpd 4 org adik-bradik. Dua perempuan dua lelaki. Ha! (Pandai x ibu ayah aku buat anak??) Muahahahahha.. Kangg xpsl2 kena pelangkung dgn diorg.. Ibu ayah, hehehhe, soriiiiiii!! Jgn marah ye?? Along syg ibu ayah! Ngeeee~~ 
Yg 2nd perempuan. Nama dia NUR HUDA BINTI ROSLAN. 

oui minah! xde keje dh ek?? gedik seyhh! muahahhhaa

Ni la satu2nya adik prmpuan aku. :) Syg giler kt dia!
Budak prasan cantik ni dilahirkan pada 6 Februari 1992. Hari Khamis, mlm Jumaat. She is only my lovely sister in the world. N we are best friends! Hehehehe.. Dulu, masa kecik2 selalu la kitorg gaduh. Ntah amnde ntah yg xkena. Mesti gaduh. Sampai ibu aku pnh hantukkan kepala kitorg bdua ni. Muahahahaha.. Lucu kalau diingat balik tau!  Tapi tu la,aku la selalu mgalah. Aku mls nk pnjgkan gaduh tu. Ehem2! Kakak la katakan. Hehehehe.. Dia mmg degil byk. Hohoho.. Itu dulu! Masa thn gajah!  Tp, apapun, dia sgt la best orgnya. Kitorg ni klau jmpa je ada je nk gelak tau.. Selalu kalau dgn dia, mesti aku pecah perut sbb kejenya asek gelak x hengat dunia.. Hohoho.. Xtau apa la yg kitorg merepek n mengarut. 24 jam dia sengal. Lebih kurg sma la dgn aku sengalnya..Hehehehe.. Umo dia sudah 20 thn, opps! CORRECTION! She's still 19 la. Adehhh!! Sengal btl la kakak dia nih! ( msa bln dua hritu) Alhamdulillah.. :) Dia skrg bru je hbs study kt UiTM, Shah Alam, law foundation. Haritu, dia SPM dpt 9A 3B. Tu cite 2 thn lepas la.. Alhamdulillah, bru2 ni dia exam, result dia gempak jgk. Dpt 3.67 kot. Dapat dekan. I'm so proud of her tau! Lucky to be her sister. Ala, dia mmg dr dulu mmg genius. Slalu dpt no 1 dr skolah rndh smpai la skrg. Hehehehee... Impian dia ialah dia nk buka family company utk adik-bradik dia n ibu ayah aku. Terharu aku dgr impian. N she's really chasing her dreams right now. Kalau aku n dia ada kt rmh, mmg kecoh hbs la rmh tu. Sampai ayah aku pening dgn perangai kitorg yg suka buat bising ni. Yela gelak je mmnjg. Ntah apa yg kitorg smbg. Kitorg sndiri xtau. Kdg2 smpai pkl 3 pagi asek dok gelak je smpai ayah aku tukar tmpt tdo dia.. Muahahahahaha.. Jahat kan kitorg?? Hehehhe.. Naseb baek ibu aku sporting habes! Satu bnda yg aku kagum psl adik pmpuan aku sorg ialah she is very2 strong n bright girl. Dia jns brani n xtau malu. Suka mnyanyi 24 jam. Sore dia mmg sedap! Selalu menang pertandingan nynanyi. ALHAMDULILLAH.. Walau apapun org ckp psl dia, dia xkisah. Dia main redah je. Tu yg best ttg dia. Tapi, tu la dia ni agak kelam-kabut byk n lurus bndul. Tu yg aku suka nyakat dia. Muahahhhaha.. Sbo je la huda ye. Rindu ko pulak weyhh! Huhuhu.. Ha skrg aku nk cite adik aku yg nombor tiga pulak.

Bajet hensem la tu? Nk tunjuk kt yasmin la tu. Cisss!!

Muka penat. Ksian ko dowhh!!

Ha! Ni adik aku yg nombor tiga. Nama dia MUHAMMAD FAIZ BIN ROSLAN. Dia lahir pd 16 Jun 1994. Alhamdulillah.. Hari Khamis, mlm Jumaat. Sama dgn aku n adek prmpuan aku atas tuh! Umo dia skrg 16thn 11 bulan bape hri ntah. ( xlama lagi b'day dia! Adehh, weyhh, aku x belikan ko hdiah lg. Sori.. ) Dia ni adik lelaki aku yg ptama. Mula2 masa dia lahir, (msa tu umo aku 4thn) aku igt anak sape la sbb mata dia sepet kot! Aku sipa tnye ibu aku lg mcm ni, " Ibu, btl ke ni adek along? Nape mata dia sepet mcm cina?" Muahahahaha.. Teruk kan aku msa tu. Ibu aku gelakkan je msa tu. Tapi, msa dia kecik2, aku mmg syg giler la kt dia. Comel weyhh adek aku sorg ni! Putih melepak, mata bulat, suka sengih. Dia punye senyum tu wa ckp sma lu, mmg comel! Mcm prmpuan dia msa dia kecik2. Mmg aku syg dia la.. Dia ni dulu msa kecik2 sgt la penakut dgn org n pmalu. Lagi2 kalau balik Felda Taib Andak ( rumah atok aku!), dia msti ikot je bontot ayah aku smpai ayah aku naek rimas dgn dia.. Muahahahahaha.. Sbo je la ye ko. Padan muka ko faizzz!! Dia ni plg2 manje dgn ayah aku. Yela, msa tu dia je sorg anak lelaki. Yg ayah aku harap2kan selama ni.. Klau time main dia msa dia kecik2, main dgn kakak2 dia yg comel ni la, ehem2! Korg tau x dia main apa? Main masak2, main jd mak2 kt rmh kitorg la. Dia msti jd mak konon2nya. Muahahahhaa... Aku dgn adik aku yg pmpuan tu jd anak dia. Hehehehe.. Kitorg msti pkaikan dia anak tdg ibu aku. Aku msti rembat ibu aku pnye. Terok2! Tp skrg dh besar. Dia pun dh jd anak teruna dh. Aktif dlm olahraga n bola sepak adik aku nih!! Wakil skolah n daerah weyhh!! Dulu aku risau gak apasal la adek laki aku sorg ni (masa tu la! Blm ada yg kecik tu lg.) xmain bola, xbgaul dgn org. Asek main dgn kitorg je. Hohoho.. Tp tgk skrg dia dh x mcm dulu. Dia dr dulu smpai skrg mmg slalu dpt no 1. Dr skolah rndh smpai la skrg dia dlm Top 5. Hehehee.. Last year, final exam dia dpt straight A's. Tp tu la risau gak paper Fizik dia tu. Tp apapun aku xrisau sgt psl dia sbb dia mmg pandai. Skrg ni dia tgh mid-exam. So, aku doakan yg tbaik utk dia! Chaiyok2 Faiz! Aku syg ko dowhh! Yg best ttg mamat ni dia sgt la cool n alim orgnya. Xpnh tgl solat n mngaji tiap2 mlm. Xmcm aku ni. Hohoho! Tp yg xbest ttg dia ialah dia sgt2 poyo thp dewa. Dia lg poyo drpd aku. Hohoho!! Aku marah dia mcmn pun, tmpar mcmn dia pun, mcm tu jgk. Tp tu la dia pnh gak tmpr aku sbb aku tmpar dia. Pergh!! Muahaahhaha.. Sbo je la dik oi! Tp apapun, aku ttp sygkan dia.. :)

N skrg aku nk cite adek aku yg last skali..

Anak sapo la ni? Sengal nk mmpos! Muahaahaaha

Sama x macam muka akak dia yg sulung tu? Ehem2! Ngeee~

Kan along dh ckp jgn buat muka mcm ni? Kan dh..

Ni adek aku yg last skali. Nama dia Akhmal Hafiz bin Roslan. Dia lahir pd 16 Oktober 2002, Rabu pagi, pkl 10 am. Alhamdulillah.. :) Skrg dia drjh Tiga. Dia ni korg nk tau x, dia lahir lain drpd kitorg bertiga tau! Dia lahir thru' Caesarian operation. Ikut tingkap bak kata org Melayu. Hehehhe. Dia ni lain ckit prangainya drpd kitorg tau msa kitorg kecik2. Sngt2 hyperactive! Klau nk pg dapur tu, msti nk berlari. Xpnh nk berjalan. Muahahahha.. Sbo je la dek oi! Aku selalu la nyakat dia. Dia ni jiwanya sgt sensitif. Xleh nk mrh ckit ke apa ke. Mesti dia mrajuk. Dia ni bg aku nyawa aku, jiwa aku, jntg aku. Korg tau sbb knpe aku ckp mcm ni? Sbb aku la yg mintak kt ibu aku yg aku nk adek. Masa tu aku drjh 5 kot. Heheheehe.. Padahal bnda ni seme keje Allah kan? Layan.. Ntah mcmn terdetik hati aku msa tu aku nk adek. Tiba2 alhamdulillah, dpt jgk. Tp ksian la kt ibu aku sbb pnya la pyh dia nk lahirkan adek aku sorg ni, yg muka sebijik mcm aku, prangai mcm aku, seme la byk sma, ikot aku. Heheehhe.. Dia ni budaknya berjiwa seni. Dia suka melukis, suka mewarna, n pencinta haiwan espcly kucing. Hati dia sgt la sensitif. Dia ni yg bestnye ttg dia, kalau aku tgh susah hati ke apa ke, dia tau,. Dia blh rasa apa yg aku rasa tau! Dia msti cri jln mcmn nk buat aku hepy blk. Bagi greeting cards la,  masakkan aku smthng la wlpn pastu aku yg kna kemas dapur. Hohoho.. Dia ni pnye syg aku smpai dia anggap aku ni mcm mak dia. Ksian kt ibu aku. Huhuhu. Yela, dr kecik smpai la skrg aku jga dia. Sayang giler2 dowh kt dia! Buah hati pngarang jntung aku ni. Masa dia lahir dlu, aku prasan hidung dia sma mcm hidung aku. Hehehehe.. Pasal bljr pulak, dia ni mls ckit bbndg adek2 aku yg lain. Mcm aku ckp td, prangai 2x5 dgn aku. Tp dia lg mls. Sabo je la. Tp malas2 dia pun, dia selalu dpt no 1 dlm klas. Heran aku dik! Mcmno ko yg mls ni leh dpt no 1? Rezeki ko dik.. Tau x, impian dia nk jd apa? Pilot! Gilo kontang! Aku golak jo donga ambition dia.. Jahat kan kakak dia?? Satu hal lg, mulut dia 24 jam xhenti2 bercakap. Ada je bnda nk cite, smpai nk tertanggal tlinga aku ni. Ayah aku smpai xtau nk ckp apa dh. Dia klau nymbg, suara xpnh slow. Mesti kuat volumenye. Jenuh la aku slowkan sore dia. Muaahhahahaa.. Layan. Samapi nk tdo pun still nk bckp lg. Tp bila dia tdo tu, alahai, comelnyeee muka dia! Sgtla ksian tgk muka dia. Mesti aku n ibu aku cium dia sblm tdo. Dia ni suka peluk aku n ibu aku msa tdo. (Dulu la msa aku sblm msk UUM! Skrg dia tdo dgn ibu aku je) Apapun, amal apis, mcmn adek pnye prangai, along tetap sayang adek smpai bila2. :)

Macam tu la sbhgn kisah ttg adik2 aku yg seribu satu mcm prangai termasuk la aku. Hehehhe. Bila kitorg seme ada kt rmh, mmg mcm tongkang pecah rmh tu. Hiruk-pikuk x usah ckp la. Smpaikan ibu ayah aku kluar rmh sbb x thn dg  glagat kitorg yg bising nk mmpos nih! Hehehhe.. Terok2!! Lastly, aku mmg syg n sygn syg sgt2 adek2 aku ni. Diorg la best friends aku smpai bila2. Hubungan drh ni xkan putus smpai bila2 pun.

Truly me,

Percaya Padaku

Aku tak tahu apa yang kurasakan 
Dalam hatiku saat pertama kali 
Lihat dirimu melihatmu 
Seluruh tubuhku terpaku dan membisu 
Detak jantungku berdebar tak menentu 
Sepertinya aku tak ingin berlalu

Berikan cintamu juga sayangmu 
Percaya padaku ku ‘kan menjagamu 
Hingga akhir waktu menjemputku 

Ku berikan cintaku juga sayangku 
Percaya padaku ku ‘kan menjagamu 
Hingga akhir waktu menjemputku 
Saat ku tahu kau akan pergi jauh

Izinkan aku ‘tuk selalu menatimu 
Untuk katakan ku ingin dirimu 
Agar kau tahu betapa ku terlalu 
Mencintaimu aku akan menunggu 
Hingga dirimu kembali untukku

Back to [*][**] 
Tolonglah aku bagaimana diriku 
Ungkapkan itu rasa yang membelenggu 
Dalam hatiku ku cinta padamu 
Back to [*][**] 
Back to [*]

** This song was given by my fiancee. I luv u too dear. More than words.. :)